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1.1. This Privacy Policy describes the procedure established by the Executor ( for the processing of personal data of Consumers collected using the functionality of web pages located on the domain and its subdomains (hereinafter - the Site) and related services. The contractor processes personal data of Consumers exclusively within the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «About the Protection of Personal Data».

1.2. The Consumer must carefully read the Privacy Policy before starting to use the Site.

1.3. The Consumer must not use the Site and provide their Personal Data in any way while using the Site, if they do not agree with the terms of this Policy.

1.4.  By using the Site and its tools, including registration forms for participation and other forms, the Consumer confirms that they have given their consent to the processing of their Personal data and non-personalized information by the Executor under the terms of this Policy and for the purpose of the Contractor offering his services and providing them.

1.5. Personal data processed by the Executor are classified as confidential information.

2.1.  Contacts. The Executor may request and process the Consumer's contact data (surname, first name, patronymic (hereinafter - Full name), contact phone number, e-mail address, postal address data and affiliation data - position, place of work and/or education) in the process the Consumer's use of the Site and its tools;

2.2. Activity data. In the process of work, the Executor can collect and process information about the participation of Consumers in the activities presented on the Site, as well as information related to the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, including viewing of ads. The Executor may process information obtained as a result of surveys that may be conducted by the Executor.

2.3. Non-personalized information. In order to generate statistical data, keep a log of activity and in order to improve the services of the Executor, the Executor may collect information about the version of the operating system, the IP address of the device, the date and time of actions on the Site, information about errors in the operation of the Site initiated by the Consumer, as well as some other information, which can be obtained using cookie technologies.

2.4. Other data. When the Consumers contact the client-managers providing information support for the clients, the Executor, if necessary, can collect other information necessary to fulfill the Consumer's request and receive feedback. The Executor can contact the Consumer using the existing contact information. The Executor may also collect other information about communication with the Consumer, for example, any requests to client managers made by the Consumer earlier, or any feedback provided to the Consumer.

3.1. The Executor does not collect and process personal data about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, and other similar information.

3.2. The Executor may collect data about the Consumer’s bank cards, namely: the name of the cardholder and/or the first and last four digits shown on the front side of the bank card, if it is necessary to fulfill the Consumer's request or to provide a service to the Consumer. The Executor does not process and does not transfer to third parties the received data about the Consumer's bank cards.

4.1. In the course of carrying out its activities, the Executor may use the information it collects and processes for the following purposes:
4.1.1) providing high-quality service to Consumers, including for solving technical difficulties, forming a database of participants of events, registration for which is carried out on the Site, sending mail ordered by the Consumer, providing services ordered by the Consumer, etc;
4.1.2) communication with the Consumer, including on issues of service, maintenance or permitted marketing communications through any available communication channels;
4.1.3) for e-mail and sms-distributions, for example: notifications about the sending of postal correspondence ordered by the Consumer or the provision of services ordered by the Consumer, news of the Site, promotions or special offers;
4.1.4) control of general and individual user activity to manage traffic on the Site;
4.1.5) carrying out research and analytical activities in order to improve the service;
4.1.6) ensuring compliance with the Public Offer Agreement;
4.1.7) analysis and forecasting of the Consumer's personal preferences and interests.

4.2. The Executor may keep the information collected and received on the Site for no longer than is necessary to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes.

5.1. The Executor may use third parties as administrators of Consumer' Personal Data (for example, postal services, e-mail or sms-mailing services, organizers and co-organizers of events, registration for which is carried out on the Site, etc.) for the purpose of carrying out its activities, providing some components of its services and/or offering their services, etc. In such cases, administrators are not authorized to use the Personal Data obtained through the Executor's Site, other than for the provision of services specified by the Executor and only in compliance with the requirements of clause 6.2. of this Privacy Policy.

5.2. Disclosure of personal data without the consent of the Consumer or a person authorized by them is allowed in cases defined by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not limited to justified requests of government bodies that have the right to submit applications and receive such data.

6.1. Confidential information, personal data and non-personalized information provided by the Consumer and collected by the Executor are protected by technical means and the SSL cryptographic protocol in order to prevent unauthorized access or use of data.

6.2. Administrators of personal data undertake to use the information received from the Executor in accordance with security requirements and this Privacy Policy.

6.3. The Contractor is not responsible for the Consumer's disclosure of his Personal Data and their transfer to third parties for carrying out any actions on the Site on behalf of the Consumer, as well as for the functioning of servers and/or the work of third parties, due to which information leakage may be possible.

7.1. The Site’s Consumer has the right to:
7.1.1) to know about the sources of collection, the location of his Personal data, the purpose of their processing, the location of the owner or manager of the Personal data or to give the appropriate instructions to obtain this information to persons authorized by them, except for cases established by law;
7.1.2) receive information about the conditions for providing access to Personal Data, in particular information about third parties to whom Personal Data is transferred;
7.1.3) present a reasoned demand to the Executor with an objection to the processing of their Personal Data;
7.1.4) make a reasoned demand for the change or destruction of personal data by any owner and manager of Personal data, if this data is unreliable;

8.1. The Consumer may at any time change/delete personal information or opt out of any mailing carried out by the Executor and/or the managers of Personal Data chosen by it. To do this, it is enough to send a corresponding letter with a request about the need to change/delete Personal Data to the email address The provision of services to the Consumer may be suspended from the moment the Consumer's information is changed/deleted.

9.1. The Executor may change the terms of the Privacy Policy by publishing a new edition.

9.2. The new edition of the Privacy Policy enters into force from the moment of its posting on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

9.3. The Site’s Consumer undertakes to periodically review the terms of the Privacy Policy in order to be informed about how the Executor protects the Consumer's information.

9.4. If the Executor has made any changes to the Privacy Policy, with which the Consumer does not agree, they must stop using the Site. The fact of continued use of the Site is confirmation of the Consumer's consent and acceptance of the relevant version of the Privacy Policy.

9.5. The Executor is not responsible for damage or losses suffered by the Consumer or third parties as a result of misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Privacy Policy, instructions or instructions on how to use the Site and other technical issues.

10.1. In the event that any provision of this Privacy Policy, including any paragraph or part thereof, is held to be invalid or contrary to law, then the remaining provisions that are not contrary to law shall remain in full force and effect, and any an invalid provision, or a provision that cannot be fulfilled, is considered changed, corrected to the extent that it is necessary to ensure its validity and the possibility of fulfillment.
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