Refund policy

1. This Policy describes the procedure established by the Executor ( for canceling and returning payments of Consumers received due to the Public Offer Agreement. The Executor establishes this procedure exclusively within the requirements of the current edition of the Law of Ukraine «About the Protection of Consumer Rights».

2. The Consumer has the right to refuse the provision of services and demand a full refund of the paid APC if the Executor has failed to fulfill his obligations in a timely manner or performs the work so slowly that it becomes impossible to finish it within the specified period.

3. The Consumer has the right unilaterally for any other reasons to terminate the public offer contract and refuse to provide services by sending a corresponding email to the address In this case, the Consumer has the right to request a partial refund of the paid APC for the part of the work that has not yet been performed.

4. The proper quality of the services provided or the work performed is confirmed by their compliance with the declared characteristics in the information materials posted on the Executor's website, as well as advertising materials created and distributed by the Executor.

5. The Consumer has the right to demand a full refund of the paid APC in the event of a significant defect in the service provided, which was caused by the Executor's fault. A significant disadvantage is one that makes it impossible to use the service and is endowed with at least one of the following features:
5.1) cannot be eliminated at all;
5.2) after elimination, it appears again for reasons beyond the control of the Consumer;
5.3) makes the service significantly different from what is provided in its informational and advertising materials;

6. In case of discovery of a defect in the provided service, which was caused by the fault of the Executor but which cannot be classified as essential, the Consumer has the right to demand from the Executor:
6.1) free of charge elimination of deficiencies in the provided service within a reasonable time;
6.2) free re-execution of part of the works that were performed poorly;
6.3) a corresponding reduction in the price of the provided service and a partial refund of the paid APC.

7. If a defect or a significant defect is discovered in the provided service or a part of the work performed due to the Executor's fault, the Consumer must as soon as possible, but no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of provision of this service or performance of this part of the work, send an electronic request to the address with the justification of your requirements and a description of the identified deficiency.

8. The absence of the Consumer's appeal to the Executor within 30 days from the date of service provision or performance of works regarding their quality is considered confirmation of the absence of any claims on their part.

9. According to current legislation, printed publications are classified as non-food products of appropriate quality, which are not subject to exchange or return. Thus, printed books with conference materials, printed certificates of participation and other printed materials received by the Consumer as part of the provision of services cannot be returned.

10. The Executor is not responsible for non-fulfillment, delay in fulfillment or other improper fulfillment of its obligations and deficiencies in the work performed or services provided, if they arose due to the fault of the Consumer himself or as a result of force majeure (force majeure).
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