Frequently Asked Question(s)

Where is the editorial office located and how can I get contact with representatives of SPC «InterConf»?

There is no physical editorial office, that is responsible for this website. All editors, representatives of the organizing committee and other employees work at a distance as they are located in different countries where the activities of SPC «InterConf» are represented. 

The most accessible way of communication is via email Our employees respond to all messages every day.

Under any other circumstances, you can contact the responsible representatives through the Facebook platform.

Can I be sure that my scientific paper / article will be published?

SPC «InterConf» does not engage in fraud. All papers / articles sent to the editorial office are considered by the organizing committee of the conference, and only after that the author receives payment details. All accepted and paid papers / articles will be definitely published.

The terms of my scientific manuscript’s consideration have been exceeded, what does this mean?

If more than 8 hours have passed after submitting the submission form, but the answer has not yet been received, please:

1) check your SPAM folder - the letter could be there;

2) if the was not found, please contact the conference email address or our general contact email (; perhaps an error had taken place and your submission form was not received.

Also, please note that the terms of consideration of scientific papers / articles are indicated within the working hours. When filling out the submission form at 10 PM, you should not expect an answer in the morning at 8 AM - in this case, an answer should be waited until 2 PM.

I found a mistake in my scientific manuscript, what should I do?

If you notice a mistake, please report it to

Please note that author's errors are usually not corrected after publishing. Check your scientific manuscript properly before submitting them to the organizing committee or try to correct a mistake before the publication date.

I can't download the conference proceedings because the anti-virus protection is activated.

If you have Avast or AVG antivirus software installed, when you try to download or open PDF with conference proceedings, an error may appear indicating that the URL is infected (for example: URL: Blacklist). This error is caused by the fact that the document uses third-party links in the references, some of them may be recognized as malicious; or the total number of external links may be considered as spam. In this case to download PDF with conference proceedings, turn off the blocking in the settings of your anti-virus program or download PDF from another device.

In any other case, contact the organizing committee to solve the problem.

Are DOIs assigned to papers / articles?

DOIs (numeric identifiers) are assigned for papers / articles within conferences, which are indexed in Index Copernicus. Please check the web page of each specific conference for this information.

I noticed that the acceptance of scientific manuscripts for the conference provided by SPC «InterConf» is held on another site, is this a fraud?

A list of our official partners is available at the bottom of each page of our website. If you notice the advertisement for SPC «InterConf» conferences, organized process of acceptance manuscripts or posting materials of the conferences on one of them - you can trust these resources. Any other sites that use conference names or other data from this site and accept applications for SPC «InterConf» conferences are not trusted. We ask to report all the cases of detection of potential fraudsters.

My papers / articles published by SPC «InterConf» have been indexed (for example, on Google Scholar) from the other website. Is this a problem?

All published papers / articles can be added to university repositories, and can also be posted on other platforms and sites for their better display on the network and high-quality indexing by scientific services. If your paper / article is indexed and have no link to the site, but to some other site, there is nothing to worry about.